Dineen Coffee Co.


Along one of Toronto’s busiest streets lies Dineen Coffee Co., named after the building in which it resides. W. & D. Dindeen was an old fur and hat purveyor that occupied the space before laying way to a fire in 1917. Beautifully restored the coffee shop maintains a delicate balance between modern elegance and rustic historical touches.

Patterned tile floors connect floor to ceiling windows, exposed brick walls and tall product shelving in a crisp white and eggshell turquoise. A unique sunburst chandelier crowns the heavy wood bar with its cDc insignia and brass rails while a mirrored menu looks on from behind. Tucked behind a table on the right hand side of the entrance is an authentic Toronto Safe Works safe.

It took me quite a moment to convince myself to take a sip from my bowl-sized latte, I mean look at that thing! I was admiring the swan latte art when my friend remarked "Oh yeah, she said she messed up a bit on yours" I wish when I 'messed up' it looked like that. Smooth as silk with a sweetness that made me forget all about my usual mandatory drop of honey. It’s not often that I find a latte so excellently crafted that I voluntarily forgo sugar – in the GTA anyway.