The Bean – The Coffee Bean That Is

No matter where in the world I find myself, my initial motive is clear - get the coffee, all of the coffee. My first visit to Las Cruces, NM was futile, due to time restraints and my being unfamiliar with the area. I asked the girls at Target (girls at target are supposed to know everything) where I could find an independent coffee shop and they recommended "the really good coffee at McDonalds". I am not a coffee snob, I will happily sip away on a cup of McDonalds coffee if need be, but was not willing to accept that this amazing, earthy little desert town didn't have an independent coffee shop! It was NOT possible. 

The Bean Cafe | jumpseatjenny | Travel and Lifestyle Blogger | Las Cruces New Mexico

 Enter the Bean, an independent coffee shop in Las Cruces, score! The bean can be found in the Old Mesilla District and blends in perfectly with the low key vibe. A large patio with string lights welcomes you and stepping inside feels like visiting an old friends house. (A college-aged friend).

I enjoyed a Latte and a cranberry apple muffin, both of which were excellent and exactly what I was after. To my delight when I peeked into the other room of the cafe I saw a coffee roaster - and have since discovered that many of the small coffee shops in Las Cruces do roast their own beans. I'm happy to say I may have found my "spot" in Las Cruces.