Run And Gun Coffee

Run and Gun Coffee  | jumpseatjenny | Travel and lifestyle blogger | Toronto Ontario |

What do you get when you mix an antique shop with a plant shop and a café? You get Run and Gun a little succulent oasis nestled on Dundas West.

The “antiques” portion is a bit on the light side seemingly confined to the basement, but it’s a nice small collection and the pricing was very decent. Back on street level the café extends into a playful space with bleachers and a communal table. Succulents, air plants and cacti dot all of the shelves in interesting display pieces available for purchase. I like this idea, coffee and a cactus in the morning.

The café offers a nice variety of beverages and unique teas. I chose a Cream Brulee Tea Latte. It was the right amount of warmth and softness I was expecting. Overall I found run and gun to be a cozy and comfortable hangout spot with all of the usual café offerings without the pinch of pretentiousness that usually accompanies them.

Also adore the neon peace sign floating high on the wall as a little reminder to make peace with yourself and with others.