Budapest's Palace Cafe

Budapest's Palace Cafe | New York Cafe | jumpseatjenny | Travel and Lifestyle Blogger | Budapest Hungary

There is so much to do and see in Budapest, from the stunning parliament buildings, to castles and palaces. But I were only able to see one attraction again I would easily pick New York Café. If you’re thinking of face-palming, hear me out! The name really doesn’t do it justice.  Plus many sources claim it’s the most beautiful café in the world (not just me I promise)!

I want to start by reminding you of every palace you’ve visited, with its fresco gilded walls and elegant moldings that you wish you could have just reached out and touched…only to be almost tripped by a fancy red rope. Remove the red rope and you have yourself New York Café, where if you wanted to you could touch the walls, sconces and the railings if you felt so inclined.

It’s not just the accessibility I love about this destination, but a visit to the café truly transports you to another time, when grandeur and maximalism were the norm.  In its hey-day the café was a mecca for modern literature. Editors, writers and readers could all be seen in the lavish rooms.

 Done in Italian Renaissance style the café literally glows (the many chandeliers help). The man responsible for design was Alajos Hauszmann who was also the chief architect for the Buda Castle around the same time as the Café was built. After the Second World War the building fell into disrepair and was only restored to its former glory in 2006 by the Boscolo Hotel Group, and done according to the original building specifications.

Most importantly a visit to New York Café is an affordable luxury, you can enjoy a delicious latte starting from 6.50 Euros, a small price to pay for a seat at Budapest’s most spectacular literary palace.