Goldstar Café

Goldstar cafe is a light and airy space tucked away at one end of Downtown Oakville's Main Street - Lakeshore Rd. I've had so many home-made lattes recently that a simple drip coffee almost seemed more exotic and so, I went for it.

Goldstar Cafe | jumpseatjenny | Travel and Lifestyle Blogger | Oakville Ontario

I don't want to admit the amount of times I spilt and cleaned up that cup and saucer thanks to the bowl-like mug, but the coffee was good all the same. Well balanced and easy to drink. My P.I.C. enjoyed an English breakfast loose leaf served in a French press - pretty cute idea for tea. Together we enjoyed a beet and apple cake that was recommended by the barista - it was most and flavourful with the aftertaste of a cinnamon heart. Delicious! 

Goldstar's space is made up of two stories and a wrap around outdoor patio, the decor inside is clean and modern with soft grey banquette seating perfect for a cozy conversation.