El Cosmico

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I love the desert, so you could only imagine how I feel about a small desert town injected with Americana oddity and left for the world to discover. Marfa is a town unlike any other. It almost becomes difficult to differentiate art installation from regular-life things. Visiting on the one day we knew we’d be forced to relax (Christmas) we set out to do just that.  

We arrived on Christmas eve after a short but scenic drive from Las Cruces. The entire drive I was bubbling over with excitement as I had finally booked a room at one of my bucket-list places, El Cosmico.

Bohemian, rustic, trendy and offbeat – El Cosmico covers every angle of “different” in a way that oozes charm. The moment we pulled up to the gravel parking lot and I could see the colorful airstreams peeking out from behind the main building I had the overwhelming sensation to take my shoes off and chuck my deodorant away. There’s something about the place that just gets to you, and suddenly you are also rustic and wild and bohemian too.

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We stayed in the “Princess” airstream (ha, fitting) a gorgeous silver cabin with a rainbow painted top. Each trailer has its own large deck with a little table and chairs with ample space between cabins. Inside a cheery gold color beamed from every surface and made the whole space feel so warm.

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The unique amenities were probably one of my favorite features of the accommodation (hotel nerd alert). The mini bar was packed with local, natural and unique products. Available for use were funky kettles and different coffee brewers – like a Chemex, which I’ve only ever seen behind the counter at a café. We got stripy matching robes and the washroom was stocked with Dr.Bronners soap, a magic towel and some interesting vinegar hair rinse.

Inside the main building is a little tuck shop that reminded me very much of the drake general store here in Toronto. Tons of cute artisanal and unique products for purchase as well as some El Cosmico branded apparel.

The trailer park was quiet, everyone we met along the way was open and friendly – ultimately it was the perfect place to relax, disconnect and recharge before the holiday & travel madness. 

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