Warsaw's Cafe Fit For A Princess

Warsaw's Cafe Fit For A Princess | Cakes at Miodowa | jumpseatjenny | Travel and Lifestyle Blogger | Warsaw Poland

Every so often life makes choices for you, and on a sunny afternoon in Warsaw life decided to point me in the direction of Miodowa Cafe. (I'm not kidding, it literally pointed me in the right direction)

Warsaw's Cafe Fit For A Princess | Sign for Miodowa Cafe | jumpseatjenny | Travel and Lifestyle Blogger | Warsaw Poland

Ok perhaps the establishment had something to do with it but who am I to refuse a clear directional sign?!

Entering Miodowa cafe I felt amazed, something I've come to expect from Warsaw - which has a way of delighting you with beautiful things every now and again. inside delicate glass cases housed rows of pristine cakes and pastries. Sometimes half the fun is not really knowing what you're ordering, I pointed at the cutest cake and waited to be surprised. 

I ended up with a raspberry cake layered with raspberry rose gel, yogurt hibiscus crumble and yogurt rose cream on top. It was a lot of raspberry and ridiculously good. Its a good thing I live across the Atlantic otherwise I'd find myself here too often. My man enjoyed an equally delicious chocolate cake.

Now, I must admit the cake was not the only thing that caught my attention at Cafe Miodowa. A long banquette of pastel coloured pillows lined the cafe, with delicate accents lining the windowsills and little pink details make the space feel so feminine. Could I have sat there for ages sampling every sort of pastry? Yes. Did I? No, but only because I had someone who cares about me pull me out of my blind euphoria. 

When we got up to leave the sweet girl at the counter placed a little white box down and said "For you" through a big smile. In the sweetest gesture ever she gifted us a little box of truffles, which we kept to share with everyone at home.