Brunch at Baddies

Brunch at Baddies | Baddies Lamb Sammie | Travel and Lifestyle Blogger | Toronto Ontario

On the corner of Bloor and Lansdown sits Baddies, a whitewashed super relaxed brunch spot. Huge windows flank the one side allowing the space to flood with natural light, amazing for those “let ‘em all know what I ate” shots.

Baddies has a simple but thoughtful menu with classics like Avo Toast, Granola & Yoghurt and Muesli done with a creative twist.  If I hadn’t been in dire need of coffee I would have opted for their house made sticky chai tea, but I went for the latte with house made almond milk instead. Love that word house-made.

Luckily my brunch partner didn’t mind sharing so I got to sample both the Smashed Avocado and the Lamb Sammy pt. two – made with slowly cooked lamb, beet relish and lemon aioli. Yum. I wasn’t overly thrilled with the avo toast, but let me tell you the lamb brought me back.

We sat there for hours. The staff were incredibly pleasant and happily refilled our glasses of water long past our last bite. Overall baddies is a joint I would surely brunch at again.