Caffe Bar Finjak

Caffe Bar Finjak | Coffee & Marble | jumpseatjenny | Zagreb Croatia.jpg

If you’re heading to Zagreb and like coffee have I got a treat for you. Right off of Vlaška Ulica ( a pretty central shopping street) and down a little alley you’ll find a shabby chic café fit for high tea. They don’t serve high tea to my knowledge but they certainly could if they wanted to. 

Caffe Bar Finjak | Beautiful Cafe | jumpseatjenny | Zagreb Croatia.jpg

From my understanding, the café is divided into two indoor seating sections and an outdoor patio with abundant seating. The indoor sections are beautifully decorated with marble top tables, chandeliers, dried lavender and many antique curiosities. 

Caffe Bar Finjak | Second Room | jumpseatjenny | Zagreb Croatia.jpg

Caffe Bar Finjak is also a bar, surprise (it's in the name). This means while you recharge with a coffee your companions can get the jump on getting tipsy. 

Caffe Bar Finjak | First Room | jumpseatjenny | Zagreb Croatia.jpg

I ordered a latte and was very satisfied with it. Furthermore, it came with a chocolate sauce heart and sugar in a little polka dot package. They sure know how to lay on the cute. 

Caffe Bar Finjak | Latte | jumpseatjenny | Zagreb Croatia.jpg

The waitress didn’t seem particularly happy to have us as patrons but I wouldn’t be enamored with a large foreign group constantly snapping pictures either so we’ll let that one go. 

Caffe Bar Finjak | Patio | jumpseatjenny | Zagreb Croatia.jpg

If you’d like a fuss-free coffee in a pretty gorgeous and quiet nook of Zagreb, Caffe Bar Finjak is for you.

Caffe Bar Finjak | Royal | jumpseatjenny | Zagreb Croatia.jpg