The Voodoo Rooms

The Voodoo Rooms | The Queen Bee | jumpseatjenny | Edinburgh UK.jpg

Quite honestly I’m surprised it’s taken me so long to write about The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh. The city itself is full of old world charm and surprisingly quirky destinations. I could easily spend hours walking the winding streets around the Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh was my very first layover and will always hold a special place in my heart for that reason.

The Voodoo Rooms | The Voodoo Rooms | jumpseatjenny | Edinburgh UK.jpg

Back to the Voodoo Rooms – I can’t believe I had to dig deep and far into pinterest articles to find this remarkable black and gold haven. Its like the roaring twenties exploded and somehow the tropics are involved. It has everything you would want a bar to have, curved tufted leather banquettes, gold crown molding and accents and a bookcase style display of carefully selected bottles. Not to mention floor to ceiling deco windows and an appropriate amount of greenery at each booth. From the moment we climbed up the dark stairway and entered the seductive space I would not shut up about how much I loved it. In fact, a year later – I will still ramble on about the Voodoo Rooms whenever given the chance.

The Voodoo Rooms | Cocktails | jumpseatjenny | Edinburgh UK.jpg

Our cocktails were fantastic, although on the pricier side (considering everything in the pound is almost double – ouch!) but well worth the coin. Drinks had fun names – such as The Queen Bee, Be all end all and Bim bop bem bop. A little off kilter but that’s half the fun right?

We arrived earlier in the afternoon, which I would recommend as we were served instantly and the way the daylight fills the room is just gorgeous. That being said I’m sure it would be a lovely place to spend an evening, and the venue holds many events (it’s a portion of a larger space).

The Voodoo Rooms | Gilded | jumpseatjenny | Edinburgh UK.jpg

Next time you’re in Edinburgh I strongly urge you to check out this glitzy masterpiece. 

The Voodoo Rooms | Ceiling Detail | jumpseatjenny | Edinburgh UK.jpg