Durand Coffee

Durand Coffee | Carrot Cake & Latte | jumpseatjenny | Hamilton Ontario.jpg.jpg

Hamilton is not usually the first place that comes to mind when I think “coffee” or “relax” or “anything at all”. I know it’s an up-and coming type place but in all honesty I just can’t handle the roads. I drive the passage between Toronto and Niagara often and each time I pass the grey smoke stacked skyline I just kind of instantly put my foot down harder on the gas.

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However, thanks to a friends suggested meet up spot, I found myself at Durand coffee. A super charming cozy coffee shop with a pretty extensive beverage menu and a great light filled space. 

Durand Coffee | Greenery | jumpseatjenny | Hamilton Ontario.jpg

Ok – full disclosure, as much as I love to eat I am usually really good at avoiding the pastry counter at cafes.  I’m usually just looking forward to a yummy frothy latte is all. But this time my #1 café partner was enjoying a slice of ridiculously good-looking carrot cake as I walked in. Guys, this carrot cake had so much icing on it, it looked so fluffy and delicious and it took me no time at all to cave.

Durand Coffee | Coffee Bar | jumpseatjenny | Hamilton Ontario.jpg.jpg

We honestly sat in Durand catching up forever, and I love a place where you can do that comfortably and not feel like you’re outstaying your welcome. We stayed so long we ordered again – lol yeah that kind of long.

Durand Coffee | Ready To Chow | jumpseatjenny | Hamilton Ontario.jpg.JPG

The interior of Durand is light and airy while maintaining a cozy corner coffee shop vibe. There is a large communal table, some window seating and even a back room filled with books and games for anyone to enjoy. The staff were pleasant too, which was a nice change from some more pretentious cafes (ahem Toronto, looking at you).

Durand Coffee | My Crew| jumpseatjenny | Hamilton Ontario.jpg.jpg

Either way, I would highly suggest a stop into Durand coffee if you ever choose to put yourself through the confusion and turmoil of attempting to drive in Hamilton.